Work-Study at Body & Pole

I became a work-study at Body & Pole in June 2013. Three years later I find myself the manager of the program and an instructor at the studio. We are currently in the process of accepting applications for the June 2016 group and I am so excited for this! In this powork studyst I will talk about my experience as a work-study, how the program has expanded since then and how you can be a part of it.

When I started, the entire studio was located only on what is now our second floor. We were in the process of expanding to the ground floor and basement studio we have today. The idea of that much space was thrilling. But of course with more space comes more work…

Work-studies are responsible for rigging the entire studio for classes, space rentals and privates. I learned how to properly install poles. I also learned about aerial rigging for hammocks, silks, and lyra. This knowledge was essential for my responsibilities as a work-study but valuable for my future as well. If you ever want to perform or open your own studio down the line you must know how to safely rig your own equipment.

Work-studies are also responsible for cleaning the entire studio. The responsibilities vary depending on the shift. Mirrors must be wiped down, floors must be mopped, mats must be sprayed. We need to make sure everything is operating smoothly and everything is in stock. We want to offer a valuable students to our clients. This starts with a clean space and giving them everything they need to have an enjoyable experience at our studio.

Work-studies also greet all students coming in for class or to check out the studio. They answer the phones and emails. They offer back-up and support to our instructor and management staff.

With all these daunting tasks, and the investment of 16-18 hours per week for the commitment of one year it may seem like an overwhelming investment. I mentioned the struggle first for a reason. The payout is worth it.

In exchange for your work and dedication you will receive complimentary classes and the ability to access the studio in between classes to train as well. You can learn from the best pole dancers and aerialists in the city. You will also receive personalized mentor matches to assist in helping you reach your goals.

No matter the path you wish to pursue this is a time for exploration and growth. Maybe you don’t know what it is you want yet. The program will give you the tools you need to discover this and expand to your full potential. We seek passionate and highly motivated individuals to fill this valued role.

Some notable graduates of the work-study program include Phillip Evans (Manager at Body & Pole), Jadi Collado (Manager at Body & Pole), Shaina Cruea (2014 US National Pole Champion), Roz Mays (Dangerous Curves Founder and Diva Extraordinaire) and many more with a range of diverse pursuits and accomplishments.

To learn more about the Work-Study program at Body & Pole click here. To apply, email your submission video to me at Applications are due April 4, 2016.


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