Gigging as a Pole Dancer: What to Pack

My first installment in this series on exploring various aspects of performance as a pole dancer was super long. So I’m keeping this one short, sharing with you all the items I consider vital to support a stellar performance experience. In no particular order….


Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and towel 
You can’t always guarantee the venue will have this for you. Plus, I like to have it on me backstage to wipe my hands and feet down last minute.

Any grip aids you use
This one seems obvious. But I can’t tell you how many times I neglected to pack this in the past and always desperately scavenged for rations from those around me.

Yoga mat
I’ve warmed up on all kinds of nasty, sticky floors. It’s best to have something clean to lay and stretch on!

Balls and/or foam roller
Whether I’m recovering from injury or not, this is nice to have on hand. My forearm has gone into spasm twice during performance. Having tools around to help in an emergency is comforting.

Flip flops
This is huge! And something I never thought of in the beginning. Pole dancers are barefoot a lot. Even if you are performing in shoes, you won’t be wearing them the whole time backstage. I use my feet in my routines a lot. You don’t want to pick up dirt on the floor, or worse step on something and injure yourself.

I need to be comfy and warm when I’m stretching and relaxing before a performance. Sweats are my go to.


Back-up costume or regular training gear
I like to have this as an alternative.

Music and headphones
This is a must if I’m going to properly get in the zone.

Wardrobe tape
I don’t use this but it’s good to have if needed with certain tricky costumes.

I use this under every costume to avoid…. erhm…… slippage or any awkward outlines for those epic crotch shots.

Bananas are my favorite. The potassium in them helps alleviate muscle cramping. Plus they are easy to digest!

Always good to have, just in case.

Hair and Makeup Products 
Even if I’m having it done I always bring back-ups just in case.


So what are your must-have items for a performance?….

3 thoughts on “Gigging as a Pole Dancer: What to Pack

  1. I don’t perform, but I would think that having lots of your business cards on hand could also be helpful!

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