Online Lessons

If you don’t live in the New York area you can still take class from anywhere in the world! See some options for learning pole dancing below…

Individual Lessons

Private Skype Sessions $50 per hour
(click here to schedule)

***Special introductory offer rate $25***

123 Poling


Video Feedback
Whether you’re preparing for a competition, a performance or just looking for feedback in general I can help. I have 8 years experience in the pole dance industry and multiple fitness certifications. I have performed in a variety of styles in various venues. I have competed in a range of competitions and I’m the 2015 US National Pole Champion. Finally, I have acted as a Pro Level judge in Pole Sport Organization events as well as an online judge for Colorado Pole Championship. I can help with form, cleaning, artistic direction and more.
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One-on-One Coaching
If you are in need of guidance in your pole journey I can offer one-on-one coaching Skype sessions to help. I can assist a new pole dancer in navigating the early and sometimes intimidating period of learning. I can also assist advanced dancers looking to break into different aspects of the industry. I have worked as an instructor, pole dancer in film/tv, professional dancer on stage in Las Vegas with Guns N’ Roses, writer for major publications and more. We will take a look at your skills and create a structured plan to help you reach whatever your goals may be.
(click here to contact for inquiry)

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